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Student computers


You have two alternatives

As a new student as of fall 2017 you will have a choice between two alternatives. It is important that you make this choice well before the school starts. Before making this choice, it is important that you check whether the computer you have or you purchase, fulfils the technical requirements set by the educational programme you are to start attending.


Alternative A – Bring your own computer


Alternative B – Purchase a computer from the county*
(in norwegian)

Information film explaining the new system for student computers ! ( in norwegian)

Bring your own computer from STFK communication on Vimeo

*The purchase of a computer from the county will cost you a total of 3 times the annual minimal grant rate from the scholarship which you receive as a student at upper secondary school. We will not fund a purchase of a computer from an ordinary dealership. However, all students are eligible to an equipment scholarship from Lånekassen. Read here about this system (in Norwegian).


Brochure Student Computer( in norwegian)
The brochure has been sendt to teen schools in the county.

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